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Our Story


It’s about people approaching life differently

Whether you are nearing your terminal, preparing for landing, minutes away from your first glimpse of a wild elephant, or about to reunite with your loved ones, Approach Tours evokes the anticipation and excitement that come with knowing that something great is about to happen.

Approach Tours is the culmination of passion, curiosity and wanting more out of life. Coming from different backgrounds, we realized that our stories were strikingly similar – we wanted to spend less time in dress shirts and more time helping others discover this awesome world, as we did and still do!

Recently, we found that there was a new type of traveller emerging, one for whom the journey matters as much as the destination, and one who values a truly all-inclusive experience, at a great value. That stepping off the proverbial beaten path is what brought us here. Together.

By joining our movement, you are trusting an established team with travel partners in every country. You are defying the status quo of group tours by refusing to pay for big mark-ups and agency commissions. You are demanding more from your tour company.

And we are answering the call.

Our Roots

We’ve come a long way in 40 years.

Approach Tours is the newest addition to our
established family of travel brands.

Our manifesto

Experience honest, thoughtfully crafted travel moments.

Our gurus

We proudly stand behind our promise of end to end delight, and we are one of the rare tour companies to provide three layers of service on tour. While our Group Gurus escort you from Canada and back home, our Tour Guides and Local Guides are there for that priceless local touch.

Group Gurus

Simply put, your dedicated Group Guru is the Fonzie to your Chachi – always there for a good time and to help guide you through life’s mysteries! Our Group Gurus are avid travellers who embody discovery and delight, focusing their time on showing everyone a good time! They are the friendly face that you will meet at the airport before setting off, and who will share in all the fun during your adventure abroad. From building group dynamics to coordinating with head office, your Group Guru is the go-to expert to make sure that your tour is as delightful as possible. Wondering what time breakfast is served? Your Group Guru is there with the answer! Not sure how to ask for cream with your coffee? Your Group Guru is there to teach you! Have a food allergy or restricted diet? Your Group Guru already knows and will make sure that there are meal options available to you!

Tour Guides

Your Tour Guide is an English-speaking local expert who will be your guide for the entire time you are visiting their country. From getting you to your upcoming cooking class to making sure the restaurant knows we’re coming, they are a logistics expert and your first local friend rolled into one. They know everything from where to find the best cup of coffee to must-see hidden gems that few people know about. They are confident, energetic, full of fun facts and most importantly, very proud of their country. Have a question about the local culture? Your Tour Guide is there with the answer! Wondering how to get to the waterfront to see tomorrow’s amazing sunrise? Your Tour Guide is there with a map!

Local Guides

Every tour has a team of Local Guides that will join your group throughout your adventure. Some will join for a specific visit, while others will stay with you for a few days. All Local Guides are certified guides and are experts in their craft. Our Local Guides are the original Wikipedia (and way more human!). Wondering why the “New Cathedral” is actually older than the “Old Cathedral”? We thought you would never ask – there is a great story behind that!