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How to: Physically prep for your tour

The adventure of a lifetime is quickly approaching! You’ve told your friends, have started packing, and are doing all you can to prepare. But about preparing physically?

A certain level of fitness is required to fully enjoy your tour. More importantly, a certain level of fitness is required to ensure your safety and the enjoyment of your fellow travellers.

This is why we’ve created a helpful guide to help you prepare physically before taking on the world of travel!

Physical & cognitive requirements

You’ve already confirmed that you meet these requirements, but here’s a quick refresher! If for any reason you feel that you or your travel partner can no longer meet them, please give us a call ASAP at 1-866-351-9545.

To fully enjoy one of our tours, you must:

Keep a good pace walking 5 hours per day



Use stairs independently without handrails



Walk on slick or uneven surfaces



Carry your own luggage through the airport



Not be suffering from memory loss or confusion

Not be experiencing any difficulty speaking, or expressing thoughts

Not be experiencing regular loss of balance or difficulty with movement

Not have issues with wandering off or getting lost

How to make your tour feel like a walk in the park:

Consult your doctor

Getting a second opinion is always a good idea. Consult with your doctor on whether you can meet our physical requirements and listen to their expert advice. It’s always best to err on the side of caution rather than push yourself and risk injury to yourself and others.

Start walking (& keep walking)

There’s no question about it; there will be walking on your tour. We schedule regular breaks into your itinerary, but if you rarely take walks, walking for up to 5 hours a day will be a bit of a struggle. To prepare for all your gorgeous nature walks and strolls down cobblestone streets, we suggest following a walking plan:

Week 1-2: 30-40 minutes, x4 a week

Week 3-4: 40-50 minutes, x4 a week

Week 5-6: 50-60 minutes, x4 a week

Stop avoiding stairs

Taking the stairs can feel like a chore when an escalator or elevator is nearby. Unfortunately, the only way to get to Praia do Camilo Beach (pictured on your left) and other stunning sites is by taking the stairs. Get in the habit of taking them now, and they’ll feel like a breeze come tour time. This way, the beautiful sights will take your breath away, not the stairs!

Start stretching

Stretching is one of the best ways to prevent strains, sprains, and other injuries. Think of it as giving your body a pre-tour pep talk. You’re preparing your body for any adventures that come your way, like exploring ancient ruins in Egypt or dancing under the stars in Morocco.

Speaking of stretching, add these moves to your daily routine to prevent soreness and injury on tour!

The active traveller packing list:

Comfortable shoes

Italy may be one of the world’s fashion capitals, but it also has cobblestone streets. On long days filled with walking, you’ll be glad you opted for running shoes with good traction and ample arch support.



Breathable clothing

Travel days will have you out and about walking, sitting on the coach bus, dining in restaurants, and everything in between. Dressing comfortably and adapting to different temperatures will fill your most exciting days some some additional comfort.


Tylenol or Advil

While following this guide will help improve your physical comfort on tour, consider bringing over-the-counter pain relievers in case you experience any discomfort. (Note: We’re travel experts, not medical experts. Use your discretion when following this advice & consult your doctor if you take other medications that may be affected by over-the-counter pain relievers.)


Walking sticks

The activities on all of our tours are prohibitive for individuals who require a cane to be mobile. However, you’re more than welcome to use walking sticks to help you keep pace, not for mobility.


By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep up with your inner explorer and make the most out of your time on tour!

Please note: These tips are to prepare you for your adventure, but you may still wake up on tour one morning and not feel 100%. That’s okay! You’re always welcome to skip any activity or take alternative transportation when possible (e.g. a taxi) instead of walking.

Safe travels!