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Mediterranean Cuisine

Let the tides take you out to dinner

A fresh Mediterranean dish is more than a meal. It’s a moment, and one that should be savoured. Let the crisp ocean air envelop you and the flavours of a perfectly prepared dish dance across your palate. Relish in the vibrant colours of tomato, lemon and succulent seafood. Smell the freshness and enjoy the unique balance of sweet and sour tastes and crunchy, velvety textures. Mediterranean food is an experience. And it’s one that pairs best with a great drink and even greater company (on an all-inclusive tour of course).




3 tantalizing dishes, the ultimate tourist attraction for your tastebuds:

1. Mali Ston Oysters, Croatia

Beautiful beach views aren’t the only thing that make the bay of Mali ston so special. Something incredible hides below the tides: the Mali Ston oyster, one of the most valued species of oysters in the world. The Neretva River infuses fresh water into the salty bay of Mali ston, giving Mali ston oysters their unique, slightly sweet flavour. These miracles of the Mediterranean are enjoyed best with a splash of lemon and a chilled, sparkling wine.

2. Sarde in Saor, Italy

No need for google translate, we’re here to help! ‘Sarde’ means sardines and ‘Soar’ means flavour. Soar also refers to a technique that sailors used to preserve fish as far back as 1300AD. While this Venetian dish has a rich history, it’s still a fresh and flavourful appetizer to enjoy when you’re done cruising the canals of Venice. This dish is prepared by marinating fried fish in vinegar, onions and other sweet and sour components. Pine nuts and raisins are sometimes sprinkled on top, creating the perfect balance of soft, flaky fish, deep-fried crunch, and sweet and sour flavours.

3. Shrimp Saganaki, Greece 

Tender, juicy shrimp in a savoury garlic and tomato sauce, sprinkled with sharp feta and served with crunchy slices of bread for dipping. In a word, yum! Shrimp Saganaki is a scrumptious dish with simple, clean flavours that you’ll be able to find in any Greek taverna. The dish is cooked in a small, two-handled frying pan until all the aromas are infused together and the cheese is bubbling beautifully. A splash of anise-flavoured Ouzo, see below, is typically added. Shrimp Saganaki is either served warm, or it’s flambéed and served while it’s still sizzling.

Your mouth may be watering, but you still need to hydrate.
Here are 3 drinks that’ll quench your thirst for adventure:

1. Plavac Mali, Croatia 

Plavac Mali refers to the small blue grapes that grow along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. The name might not be the most creative, in Croatia Plavo means blue and mali means small, but the dense and robust red wines that these grapes produce should not be overlooked. These rustic reds have rich flavours of black cherry, berries, spices and pepper and they pair beautifully with red meat dishes like veal and venison.

 2. Averna, Italy

Averna’s recipe hasn’t changed since 1868 and there’s a reason for that. You don’t mess with perfection. Full-bodied and smooth in taste, every pour features the flavours of dried fruit, herbs, spices, liquorice and citrus zest. Averna is typically served over ice, sometimes with sage, mint or lemon peel. However, to fully embrace the authentic ritual of drinking Averna, one must pour it over ice into a softly curved glass and garnish with a single twist of orange peel.

3. Ouzo, Greece

Ouzo is a silky, liquorice tasting liquor produced from grape must (freshly crushed fruit that remains after winemaking) and it’s a must-try while in Greece. Ouzo gets its bold flavour from anise and other spices like cinnamon, clove, coriander, fennel, or mint. It’s served neat, in a tall skinny glass, and a touch of ice water is all you need for some wow factor. When the ice water and Ouzo mix, the once clear liquid turns milky white. This is known as the “ouzo effect”.

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