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Can you accommodate my dietary restriction?

We believe food is a big part of the experience, and we want everybody to be included in that. For that reason we will work with you to accommodate your dietary restrictions as best we can, however when you travel outside Canada, you may find different practices and ways of accommodating dietary restrictions.  

Here are the dietary restrictions our host countries can accommodate and what to expect when you’re abroad.

Dietary Restriction What to Expect
Vegetarian & Vegan  While some countries have a wide range of vegetarian dishes as part of their national palette (think India or Vietnam), other countries feature meat and fish as part of all three meals a day, and don’t have a ton of vegetarian or vegan options.

We can offer vegetarian dishes for every meal in all countries, but be prepared for some repeating dishes over the course of a tour. This is especially the case in Croatia where you will have the same salads repeatedly, and Morocco where you will become very familiar with vegetarian tajine!

Pro Tip: When you find a snack that you like while exploring the local markets, buy a few to mix into your diet when the meals start getting too routine. 

Diabetic  We can accommodate a low-sugar diabetic diet, but when in doubt our restaurant partners will offer dishes that you may find bland/repetitive just to be safe and not include too much sugar.

Pro Tip 1: You probably manage your own diabetes better than we can, and if so you’re better off signing up for standard meals (choosing “none” when asked for dietary restrictions) and then avoiding the foods that you know case you trouble. 

Pro Tip 2: While there are food stalls and vendors commonly around the world, you may not always have access to food between meals. To manage your blood sugar through the day, we suggest packing snacks either from home or that you buy at the markets on tour. 

Gluten-Free (Celiac)  We take allergies very seriously. We can accommodate a gluten-free diet if you have Celiac disease on tour.
No seafood or fish  We understand fish and seafood can be divisive (some people love seafood, others can’t stand even the smell of fish!) but for many countries (especially on the Mediterranean), seafood is a mainstay of their diets.

We can accommodate a no seafood/fish diet on all tours, however, you may be served vegetarian options in place of fish or seafood on the following tours:

  • Enchanting Portugal
  • Grand Tour of Ireland
  • Sicily & Southern Italy
  • Iconic Greece & the Cyclades
All other dietary restrictions  Even if a dietary restriction is not listed above, we may still be able to accommodate your needs, we will just need to do a little homework first.  
If in doubt, proceed with your booking and in the dietary restriction section of the booking form, let us know the details of your needs. One of our Sales & Traveller Champions will reach out shortly after and let you know if and how we can accommodate your needs. 

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