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Are your meals fixed menus,
al a carte, or buffets?

We believe food is a big part of the experience, and it’s important that we offer filling meals that effortlessly blend local flavours and familiar tastes from home. That’s a big challenge, but we’re proud to rise to the occasion! We offer meals on tour in the following styles:

âś… Buffet-style meals

Most (if not all) of our breakfasts on a tour are continental buffet style, letting you start your day with a sampling of local fruit, breads and eggs that will stick with you through the day; and of course coffee and tea. You’ll also get to try a couple of local breakfast customs, such as cured meats and cheeses in Italy, English breakfast in Ireland, or noodles in Vietnam!

Some of our lunches and dinners on tour will also be buffet style, letting you load up your plate with any or all items that suit your palette, and none of that spicy chicken dish you’re not fond of!

✅ Prefixed meals

Most of our lunches and dinners are served as pre-fixed, two and three-course meals. Unless you have a dietary restriction we are aware of ahead of time, you’ll be offered one main course option, along with one or more choices of starters and a dessert. With one option for your main course, you may find over the extent of a tour, you encounter a couple of lunches or dinners that — while fresh and prepared to local customs — don’t exactly suit your taste, and that’s okay! Life is about diversity and trying new things, so you may try a couple of things you don’t like. Our promise is that over the course of a 14-day tour, you will have 14 lunches and 14 dinners that span a range of local delicacies, so even if you don’t like one or two, we’re sure you’ll love the rest!

❌ Al A Carte menus

Part of our role as Approach in planning group tours is arranging restaurants that can serve up to 30 travellers at a time and in a timely fashion so we can continue on and enjoy the rest of the day of adventure we have in store for you. To enable this, we plan our prefixed menus with the restaurants we work with months in advance of us visiting. To make the meal process as smooth and positive as possible, we don’t offer al a carte menus on tour.


Example dinner service on our Signature Italy Tou
Example dinner service on our Signature Italy Tour
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