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What is the best time of year to travel?

Our travellers prefer to join our tours in the fall and spring because it is the best time to catch the nice weather of the summer, but also avoid all the crowds that come with summer travel. The exact best time of the year varies by destination, but here is a quick guide to help you start planning: 



Tour Best time of year
Ancient Egypt & the Nile March & April, October to December
The year-round climate all across Egypt is marked by dry heat, with warm, welcoming waters in the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Travelling between May & September is not recommended unless you are very comfortable with heat, since temps can get up to 35°C. 
Authentic Thailand & Phuket February & March, October & November
The weather in Thailand is influenced by distinct monsoon seasons. For a well-rounded experience that offers minimal rain and mild temperatures while avoiding crowds, the most favourable times to visit are during the cool season months of February & March, as well as October & November which fall during the transition from rainy season to cool season.
Colours of Morocco March to May, September & October
A geographically diverse country with many different climates, there’s no wrong time to visit Morocco. The coastal regions can be visited year-round, with pleasantly mild winters and summers featuring lots of sunshine. The High Atlas Mountains can also be visited anytime, although it does get cold in winter (and lightly coated in snow).
Enchanting Portugal March to June; September & October
Just one of its many perks, Portugal has year-round sunshine. Fall is an excellent time if you’re looking to experience a fresh harvest of Portugal’s famous wines. The summer months are considered to be high season in Portugal, with beaches and sites very busy.
Grand Tour of Ireland April to June; September & October
Perfect sweater weather, the spring and fall are relatively mild and have fewer crowds than the peak of summer. If you’re visiting in winter, pack many layers.
Iconic Greece & the Cyclades April to June; September & October
Did you know some islands of Greece see 300 days of sun per year! However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing as the high summer temps can get up to 40°C. Your best bet for nice weather that is not too hot to bare is the spring and fall.
Peru & Mystical Machu Picchu April & May; September & October
Winter is Peru is the best time to visit because it’s dry, compared to the rainy season during the Peruvian summer (December to March).
Prague, Krakow, Budapest & Vienna April & May; September & October
Eastern Europe is always in peak sweater weather, hovering around 15°C most of the year and typically not getting warmer than 22°C, even in the summer.
South Africa & Victoria Falls Tour September to November; February to April
The weather in South Africa is very nice year round, however it is best during the warmer months from September to April. May to October is the best time of year for spotting wildlife during a safari, while September to November is the best time to see the Jacaranda trees in bloom in Pretoria and Johannesburg.
Sicily & Southern Italy April & May; September & October
In Italy the weather is very nice year round. Spring and autumn are the best time to enjoy that weather while avoiding the crowds that make Italy one of the top destinations globally. If beach time is important, you best bet the spring (April and May).
Signature Italy Tour April & May; September & October
In Italy the weather is very nice year round. Spring and autumn are the best time to enjoy that weather while avoiding the crowds that make Italy one of the top destinations globally. The fall can be a special time to visit and take in the latest vintages of the wine harvest.
Treasures of Croatia & the  Balkans April to June; September
To make the most of its beautiful beaches, early summer (May-June) is an ideal time to visit Croatia, but the weather stays nice well into the fall. There are two primary weather patterns in Croatia: Mediterranean climate on the coast, with warm summers and mild winters, and continental inland, with slightly hotter temperatures in the summer and very cold winters.
Vietnam & Angkor Wat February & March; October & November
The monsoon season defines the weather in Vietnam: the southern summer monsoon brings rain to the two deltas, while winter monsoons blow damp, chilly winds along the central coast and eastern highlands. If you intend to see a bit of everything, then autumn (October & November) and spring (February & March) are the most favourable times to visit, with temperatures being milder and rain minimal.

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