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Can we have two beds in our hotel room? How large are the beds?

Like to stretch out when you sleep? Prefer to hold a pillow instead of your spouse? We get it!

On all Approach tours, you can choose to share a bed with your travel companion, or have a room with two smaller beds and take one all to yourself. The size of the beds available may change from hotel to hotel, but take this as a rule of thumb for what to expect on tour:

  • Non-European Destinations: Either one queen bed to share, or two double beds in each hotel.
  • European Destinations: Either one double bed to share, or two twin beds in each hotel.

To pick where you will lay your head each night, start filling out our online booking form for your chosen tour, and when asked for “bed configuration”, choose either “we would like to share a bed” or “we would like separate beds”.

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