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What are the physical &
age requirements on each tour?

Our tours are intended for active seniors. In order to fully enjoy our destinations, a certain fitness level is required. Below is the general guideline for all tour that we want to make sure that you’re comfortable with, so you can enjoy the itinerary as it’s planned for the group:

  • Keeping a good pace actively walking up to 5 hours per day (regular breaks are scheduled)
  • Going up and down stairs independently (sometimes without handrails)
  • Walking on slick or uneven surfaces (eg. wet cobblestone)
  • Carrying your own luggage through the airport

Many of our tours feature warm weather (upwards of 25°C), so if you are going to a warm destination (such as Morocco or Greece) be physically prepared to spend lots of time outdoors while exploring famous highlights and hidden gems.

Click here for the physical requirements specific to each tour we offer.

I use a cane, walker, wheelchair or walking sticks; can I join an Approach Tour?

The activities on all of our tours, including getting on and off of our coach buses, are prohibitive for individuals who require a cane, walker or wheelchair to be mobile. You may join if you use walking sticks by choice to help you keep pace, not if you require them for mobility.


Is there a maximum/minimum age to participate in an Approach Tour?

All adult-aged individuals are welcome on an Approach Tour, anyone from 18 to 99! Our tours are designed for active seniors, so in our experience they may not suit the interests of travellers under the age of 50. It is common however for individuals under 50 to join our tours and enjoy themselves with someone in that age group (such as an adult child joining their parent).


What are the cognitive requirements on tour?

For everyone’s safe enjoyment of the tour, it is important you do not join if you or your travel companion experience any symptoms of cognitive impairment, no matter how minor. These include:

  • Memory loss or confusion
  • Difficulty speaking, understanding, or expressing thoughts
  • Repeating questions
  • Wandering or getting lost
  • Losing balance or problems with movement
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