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Will there be an elevator for use at every hotel on my tour?

Many of the properties we visit are older, historical buildings, or are even built on cliffs overlooking the Amalfi Coast. For that reason, it’s possible some of the hotels we visit may not have elevators accessible for you to travel from the lobby to your hotel room.

What if I need an elevator to bring my luggage to my room? 

No need to worry, we include porterage service at each hotel, so the friendly hotel staff will lug your luggage up and down the stairs for you. 


What if I need an elevator because I have trouble walking up and down the stairs?  

To fully enjoy any of our tour, travellers need to be able to walk up and down stairs unassisted. If you are unsure you are able to participate in our tours due to a physical limitation, please review our physical requirements to confirm an Approach tour is suited for your needs.  


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