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Can I extend my tour?

Good news  you can purchase any Approach Tour as land-only by opting out of our included flights to and from the destination as well as our home pick up service. That way you can arrange your own flights that best meet your needs and instead meet us at the destination. This opens up a world of possibilities to add a stay to the beginning or end of your tour either in the same destination, or just about anywhere else in the world that you’d like to go. 

If you purchase one of our tours as land-only, you’ll receive a credit in place of the international flights and home pick-up service. To find out how much you’ll save, do one of the following:  

  1. Start filling out our online booking form for your chosen tour, and when asked “would you like to use our included group flights?”, select “no”.
  2. Give us a call at 1-866-351-9545, and your Sales & Traveller Champion will be happy to help.

Please note:

Even if you purchase a tour land-only, it’ll still include any regional flights that are part of the tour, such as the flight to Durban, Victoria Falls and Johannesburg in our South Africa & Victoria Falls tour. 

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