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Will my price increase after I give you
my deposit to book my tour?

In short, it is possible but unlikely. While it’s possible given our terms and conditions, it’s not our intention to increase our prices after you book your tour, and in our company history, we have never had to increase someone’s price after they booked their tour.

How much can you increase by price by?

In accordance with the regulations of the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) in Quebec, our prices can be revised up to 45 days prior to departure should there be changes in macroeconomic conditions (including fuel prices and exchange rates):

  • Should the change in price be less than 7%: you (the traveller) agrees to pay the difference.
  • Should the change in price be more than 7%: you (the traveller) will have the option of paying the difference for your tour, transferring your paid amount towards another tour, or cancelling your tour for a full refund.  
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