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Do I have to use your included flights?

You don’t have to use our included flights. 

If you would prefer to arrange your own flights to and from your destination (for example if you have saved up your travel points, or would like to extend your trip), you may purchase one of our tours land-only, and receive a credit in place of these international flights and home pick-up service. To find out how much you’ll save purchasing a tour “land-only”, do one of the following: 

  1. Start filling out our online booking form for your chosen tour, and when asked “would you like to use our included group flights?”, select “no”.
  2. Give us a call at 1-866-351-9545, and your Sales & Traveller Champions will be happy to help.


Please note:

If you purchase a tour “land-only”, it will still include any “regional flights” that are part of the tour, such as the flight to Victoria Falls in our South Africa & Victoria Falls tour. 


Also note:

Our tour dates change from time to time prior to the final payment date. If you purchase a tour “land-only” and arrange your own flights, we advise you to choose tickets that are refundable or changeable without penalty, or make sure your insurance company will cover your flights in the event we change our dates. We are not responsible for any expenses you incurred if a date change impacts your personal travel arrangements not included in our tour’s itinerary.


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