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From where do you offer the home pick-up service?

We are happy to offer our included round-trip home pick-up service within 100 kilometres of the following airports: Toronto (YYZ), Calgary (YYC), Montreal (YUL), Ottawa (YOW) & Vancouver (YVR)....

Do you pick me up privately or with other travellers?

No need to sit three in a row in the back with strangers! Each booking includes a private home pick-up...

Where can I fly from?

It wouldn’t be all-inclusive without flights! That’s why we include round-trip flights between Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and your destination. Gateways:...

Are the included flights direct,
or do they have layovers?

Included in your tour are flights from Toronto to our destination, and back home. We aim to offer flights that...

How and when can I select seats for my flights?

During the check-in process, airlines usually offer the possibility to change the seat that was assigned to you by the...

Do you offer flight upgrades?

We understand that comfort while travelling is a priority to many travellers. In recent years airlines have put restrictions on...

Do I have to use your included flights?

You don’t have to use our included flights.  If you would prefer to arrange your own flights to and from...

What is the baggage allowance for my flights?

When you join an Approach tour with our included flights, you are permitted one checked luggage, one carry-on, and one personal...

If I arrange my own flights,
how will I meet the group at the destination?

Once on tour, your Group Guru will be your rock star and resource for all things logistics! Your Group Guru will...

I use a CPAP machine;
can I use it on our flights?

It is indeed possible to use your CPAP machines on long overnight flights at the beginning and end of your...

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